French Onion Soup. Come over and I’ll make you some!

Oh my, this is so good. Comfort food at its best!  One of my gifts from my mother, she taught me to make soup.

Onion Soup - One of my favorites.

6-8 Yellow Onions or you can use white, but I like yellow
4 Cups Broth – Beef or Chicken

seasoning for Chicken Broth
2 Cups Wine – White. I like Chardonnay, so I use it.
1 tsp White Pepper
Salt to taste.

Seasoning if you are using Beef Broth

2 T Canadian Rub for Steaks

2 Cups Teriyaki Sauce

1 Cup Brewed Coffee (Great base note for this soup)

Optional: Beef or Pork cubes
Optional: Arugula or Kale or Flat Parsley
Optional: 1 tsp Herbs de Provence

Hot, steamy soup. Onion with browned cubed pork or beef. Hmmm. 1 tsp Herbs de Provence.

Chop yellow onions. Slice them in half from top  to bottom and then slice top to bottom, not like making rings. This slice is so much nicer for this soup.

in 4 Tablespoons of stock to cook the onions in and let it cook off.
(Onions will not carmelize until all broth has cooked off).  You want to get your onions nice and carmelized for the flavor and color. 

In a separate pot, add the rest of the stock and wine and reduce by 1/3 while you are carmelizing the onions.

After onions have carmelized a nice rich color, add 2-3 tablespoons of flour. This will thicken with the onions, then add the reduction of broth and wine. Simmer until the broth
thickens. Add your seasonings.
Salt and white pepper for purists, or 1 tsp of Herbs de Provence.

To serve –

Place crouton on bottom of serving bowl
Top with onions
Add broth
Add cheese – asiago, parmesan, 1 tsp of blue cheese

broiler oven for 5 minutes.


I love this soup, and sometimes I want to take it to serve my office. (They ate it all!) We don’t have an oven. So instead of adding the crouton and broiling, make cheddar cheese spread and serve with fresh bread alongside the onion soup.

Variation: If you have leftover roast beef or pork, cut into cubes, brown and add to the soup.

Don’t be afraid to add some arugala or kale to the soup an hour before you serve it. I like the green peppery kick.

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