Garlic Confit

One of the items in my pantry I cannot live without.  If you want to put good food on the table, you must get a kick start by making a few items and having them on hand. 

Garlic Confit is used to make garlic bread, as a spread on a roast beef sandwich, and this makes everyone think you have been cooking for hours!  I will always have this in my pantry. I love it. The taste is roasted garlic. Sweet.

Doing it the hard way. Peel the garlic yourself. I used to do this until
I found the large peeled fresh garlic at Costco.

Garlic - like it!But from time to time, I do have heads ofgarlic that need to be used. So, peel garlic easily like little onions and other fruits like peaches. For garlic and onions, cut off the root end, then drop into boiling water. Leave for 1 minute, purge into ice coldwater. When cool pop them from their wraps.         Place the peeled cloves in a pan, cover with olive oil. Low simmer until they aretender. This simmer is so low, you should barely see little air bubbles rising to the surface. They should stay white. When you put the garlic in the jar, oil needs to cover the garlic to keep it preserved.Place in a jar and keep in refrigerator. I am going to try to process them in a water bath for longer term storage.Yes, this is make a lot, but I usually give a couple of jars away. My friends love me!

Use the garlic oil for sauted spinach or salad dressing or ,
garlic bread, anything you want garlic for.
I used them also as condiment for sandwiches. Just spread onto
your bread then add your mayo. Excellent.

Another great use, you can add them into the center of your meatballs or a thick steak you bbq. Remember, it has been cooked, so the flavor is sweet.

FYI: 1 T is about 3 cloves of garlic.

Yes, this is make a lot, but I usually give a couple of jars away. My friends love me!
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