Mango Plum Jam

So, I come home and who is using all my canning equipment?  Yep, my daughter has decided to do a little throwdown. 

Mango Plum Jam - Perfect Tartness

She has altered my famous Cinnamon Plum Jam, and the results were spectacular.  Actually, this combination reminded me of Quince Jam my Mom used to make.

2 Mangos diceds (no skin please)

2  Cups of  Plums – pitted, sliced with skins
2 Cups Water
Juice from1 lemon
1 tsp salt
1 tsp Ground Cinnamon
3 Cups Brown Sugar
1 Cup of Splenda
1 pkg of low sugar pectin (the only stuff I use)

Boil plums and mangos in white wine with 4 of the cinnamon sticks until the fruit is fork tender.
Puree in a blender, remove the cinnamon sticks if you can before.
Strain the mixture thru a small wire sieve. The color should be a beautiful amber. If you don’t get these results, might I suggest an upgrade in blending technology, read a review of best juicing blenders off of google and do your self a favor. Over processing is the main cause of poor quality results here, be wise and get something decent.

Pour blended fruit back into heavy pot, add pectin and bring to rolling boil for 1 minute.
Add brown sugar, bring back to rolling boil for 1 full minute. Pretty isn’t it!

Pour the jar and pour in the jelly to ½ inch from the top. Process in a water bath for 5 minutes.
Makes 3 pint jars, or 6 cups of jelly.

The competition around here is getting tough, I better step it up a notch.

About 35 calories per Tablespoon.
If you replace one more cup of splenda for sugar, about 25 calories per Tablespoon

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