Split Pea Soup

Split Pea Soup.  You either love it or hate it.  My daughter and husband love it, my oldest son hates peas!   I think it is comfort food at its best.   Jacque, husband’s mom made split pea soup.  It has become a regular on the menu here at Sandy’s Kitchen. 

Split Pea with Chunks of Ham and Carrots

Ham Bone

10 cups water or broth

1 bag Split Peas

1 stalk celery

2 onions diced

finely chopped carrots


salt and pepper

1 can of peas and carrots (or you can use fresh or frozen)

Boil in pressure cooker for 40 minutes at pressure.

Remove bones and puree in blender or food mill.  Finely chop any ham left on bone and add back to pureed soup.  Season to taste. I like to add a can of peas and carrots to my pureed mixture giving the mixture some texture along with the finely chopped ham.

Serve with sour cream, nutmeg, bacon bits, croutons, crostini, cheddar cheese.

Andersen's famous for their Split Pea Soup, Santa Nella & Buelton California

Daughter Denny and I are hamming it up at Andersen’s; famous for their split pea soup in Santa Nella and Buelton California.  We love to stop here and have a cup of their soup.

Garnish with Sour Cream

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