Turkeys, Turkeys, and more Turkeys

My daughter Denny, family friend Colleen and I spent the evening with a bunch of Turkeys! 

Army of Turkeys

Well, it didn’t start out that way.  After heading to the store and buying

Peanut Butter Cups

Double Stuffed Oreos


Pumpkin Seeds or Candy Corn

Pretzel Sticks or Candy Corn

Chocolate Cookie Icing

Red Icing

Yellow Icing

We proceeded to assemble a bunch of turkeys for our Thanksgiving table.

Happy Thanksgiving Turkey!

The only problem encountered while making these little devils was the extra broken pieces, of course, they were quickly consumed, accidents happen!  

Step One:

Push the pretzels (or candy corn) into the Double Stuffed Oreo.

Step Two:

Using the chocolate icing as glue, adhere the bottom Oreo to the Oreo you pretzeled.

Step Three:

Shave off one of the sides of the Peanut Butter Cup. (Use the chocolate icing as glue to adhere the chocolate piece to the oreo back and bottom.

Step Four:  With the Turkey laying on his back, adhere the head – the whopper –  to the oreo.

Step Five:  Cut the pumpkin seeds or you can use the white part of candy corn and chocolate glue to the head.

Let the turkeys dry overnight.

Step Six:  Using the red icing, pipe a little red under the beak of the turkey.

Step Seven:  Pipe yellow dots for eyes and use a chocolate or red dot for eye centers.

Step Eight:  Pipe yellow feet.

This little guy has an attitude!

You’re done!    You have turkeys for your table to use as Place markers, just add a label on a toothpick with someone’s name or decorate the center of your table with them  They are so cute! 

Turkeys out for a trot.

Talking Turkey

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