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Chorizo Lasagna with eggplant, mushroom and spinach

Sure most of us have had eggplant lasagna or beef lasagna or chicken lasagna, and you can go that direction if you want to, but I had chorizo in my refrigerator and dinner time was approaching… While many people like … Continue reading

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Beef and Broccoli Stirfry

From the Christmas dinner  ribeye roast, I cut the ribs from the roast, removed the eye of the roast and what was left looked like a flank steak once I remove the extra fat.  I saved this flank piece of meat … Continue reading

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Italian Lemon Meringue

This Lemon Meringue pie reminds me of a Lemon Chiffon, beautiful creamy lemon yellow. Yum. Easy in the sense you mix and  bake the lemon chiffon in the pie shell instead of the stovetop method used for Southern Style Lemon … Continue reading

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Abby’s Posole – Pork and Hominy Stew

Christmas Eve, family and friends get together to have dinner and exchange a few love notes and gifts. Abby made Posole for the buffet table.  Even though she was a bit late, the stew is completely gone since everyone wanted to take some home.  Excellent.  … Continue reading

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Table Decorations – Christmas

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German Hot Potato Salad

My mother-in-law’s favorite “Company’s coming dinner” was German Hot Potato Salad and Roast Beef served with a green side salad.  Jacque loved bacon probably since it was rationed or hard to come by during World War II.  When she died at … Continue reading

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Roast Beef – Beef Tenderloin, Sirloin, Ribeye, or New York Strip

I love prime rib, but you can easily use sirloin.  I remember reading in one of my cookbooks, if you want to cook better, start out by buying better quality food.   That holds true for a wonderful roast.  So, … Continue reading

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Grandma Jacque’s Crispy Oatmeal Cookies

My children always remembered Jacque Nickerson, Grandma and differentiated her from everyone else in their lives because of these cookies.  These cookies have immortalized Jacque.  They are flat, crispy and nutty. Perfect flavor and wonderful with a cup of coffee … Continue reading

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Creamed Corn with Lime

Wow, this is good.  This is Tom Keller’s recipe for Creamed Corn from his Ad Hoc Cookbook.  The base taste is lime chiffon with sweet corn.  This is a keeper recipe.  Fresh corn on the cob or quick frozen corn.  … Continue reading

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Breakfast Hash and Eggs

As I wake up and everyone in the house is starting to stir and the chorus of “I’m hungry”, I take a gander in my refrigerator and see we have eggs and a bit of leftover meat and decide, let’s … Continue reading

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