Butter Chicken (murgh makhani)

Butter Chicken

We were in Uganda with friends at the Speke hotel restaurant and they specialized in Indian Cuisine when I first tried this great dish.  It is wonderful.  So many flavors,in it’s like a party in your mouth. 

I have loved it every since.  One of my boys is improving his backyard and lay pavers.  I whipped them up some lunch and delivered it since I knew they would be hungry.  I made it spicy, because the boys like it that way.

Awesome bite! Butter Chicken

2 pounds cut up chicken (I like chicken thighs)


2 cups yogurt, drained or sour cream

6 cloves garlic, puree

½ in fresh ginger, puree

2/3 tsp red chile powder or paprika

½ tsp cumin powder

½ tsp garam masala powder

A tiny pinch of red tandoori coloring (optional)

½ tsp salt

2 tsp lime juice

(Marinade the chicken at least 1 hour but best overnight)

 Makhani Sauce:

1 ½ pounds tomatoes, skinned, mashed

½ tsp kasuri methi (dried fenugreek leaves)

3 oz chilled butter

Few drops of vinegar

½ tsp garam masala


1 ½ ounces light cream

When ready to cook, heat oil in cast iron or heavy braising pot, add chicken with marinade and cook over low heat turning chicken until it is done.  

For sauce, in saucepan cook tomato pulp about  5 minutes until liquid has evaporated. Add chilled butter, paprika; after butter has melted cook for just 1 minute.

Taste, if it is not sour add a couple of drops of vinegar.  Add the kasuri methi (dried fenugreek leaves), garam masala, salt to taste.  After 30 seconds, add the cream.  The sauce is ready. 

Pour  into the skillet and  mix with the chicken. 

(You can prepare and cook the chicken ahead of time.  The Makhani sauce takes only 5-6 minutes to make, so wait until the last bit and serve immediately with rice.)

So good. Yum!

Plating with Tumeric Rice

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