Smokin’ Ribs

My hubby makes the best ribs.  How good are they?  I do not order ribs when I go out.  Always disappointed.  They just don’t do it as well.  Dennis’ are the best!

Best Pork Ribs in the World! Just Awesome!

Start the BBQ, and let her heat up.  We have a two sided BBQ and so hubby lights one side and uses the other side to smoke the ribs.  He leaves them on the cool side for a couple of hours and then turns them and leaves them another 2 hours.  They seem to be perfection.  His BBQ sauce creates a sticky sauce that is heaven on a rib.  Search for BBQ Sauce to find on this site.

Pork Ribs with the Rib Tips and Tumeric Rice

The only other BBQ sauce that comes close to his is Sweet Baby Rays.  It is nice.

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