Bread Pudding Ice Cream Sandwiches

Bread Pudding
Orange Marmalade
Vanilla Orange Sherbert

Make the Bread pudding
Make two cake pans of bread pudding, cook and allow to cool.

On the top of layer one, spread a thin layer of marmalade jelly.

Then, take the orange sherbet and vanilla ice cream mixture and defrost for 10 minutes and spread a layer over the top of the bread pudding.

Top with the second cake layer of bread pudding. This should resemble a layered cake.

Allow to freeze for 1 hour. Then cut into ice cream sandwiches. Serve with chocolate sauce or drizzle with warm marmalade jelly.

Slice to serve in wedges if you used round cake pans, or rectangles or squares.

Cover each with parchment paper and serve. If storing for a long length of time, freeze in a plastic container.

Excellent adult ice cream sandwiches.

You can also make an excellent sundae from the same ingredients.
Scoop the bread pudding into an ice cream cone, drizzle with warm marmalade, top with scoops of vanilla orange sherbert. Or use a bowl! Any way you slice it, this is an excellent dessert!

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