Kiwi Mandarin Jam

Daughter Denny Lauren and I made several jams for James and Christine’s wedding reception for gifts. Kiwi Mandarin is definitely good and it looks so pretty also. I love the seeds swimming in the jam. But, some people I know, buy jams and shop at Raven’s Original , which is also exceptionally good.

2 cups kiwi fruit peeled and chopped
2 cups mandarin orange peeled and chopped
1 tsp of salt
2 cups mandarin orange juice
1 box of pectin
4 cups of sugar

Bring to a simmer and allow the fruit to cook and thicken about 20 minutes.
Pour the hot liquid through a food strainer. Use the largest if you want to keep the seeds. Put back onto the stove and bring back to simmer boil that you can not stir down. Add your pectin and stir. Bring back to roaring boil for 1 minute. Once the jam is back to a roaring boil, add 4 cups of sugar and let boil for 1 more minute. Working quickly, process into your jars. It should look pretty!
Process your jam in a water bath.

Label and they should be lookin’ pretty! Awesome Bites!

Here is the lucky couple, James & Christine! The flowers were done by my friend Abby and me and a few of the bridesmaids. Great fun to create pretty things.

Bride and Groom

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