Preserved Lemons

Salt Pink or Kosher or Sea Salt (Non-iodized)

Wash your lemons
Cut your lemons removing the top and bottoms. Cut in quarters almost all the way thru.
Remove the top and bottom ends.
Clean your jars in the dish washer along with the lids on sanitize.
(These will be keep in the refrigerator after the first 30 days of fermenting.)
Add a Tablespoon of salt to a jar
Add a Tablespoon of salt inside a lemon, turn upside down and place into the jar. Use a wooden rolling pin to squish and squeeze the lemon juice out as you fill the jar. Each lemon gets a Tablespoon of Salt.
After you have filled the jar with 1/2 inch of the top, fill the remaining space with lemon juice so it covers the lemon.

Allow to ferment for 30 days. Each day, give the jar a shake, then unscrew the lid a quarter turn. Fermentation needs to out gas.
After 30 days put in the refrigerator and when you are making something that needs a lemony salt flavor, cut up the rind of the preserved lemon and add to taste.

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