My Cookbook Library

My husband is an auction person. Loves ’em.  Buys boxes of things here or there.  Well, lucky me, last week he stumbled across 3 boxes of cookbooks. from the 50s  through the 90s.  Excited I am.  I have stacks surrounding my reading chair in my living room. I am culling through them for old ideas forgotten.

Absolutely Delicous, Linda Allard 1994  [This is one of my favorites. It was originally printed just for her friends.  She is a successful fashion designer, but obviously cooks equally well. Smple, Country Cooking or classy like in the rooftop restaurant in washington dc , the best place I now.

– It speaks to me.]

Bon Appetit Fast Easy Fresh by Barbara Many, many recipes. 

Joys of Jello [In our haste and craving fast food, we have forgotten jello.  My daughter made a nice molden salad from this book – Sunset Salad, and the whole family enjoyed it.]  This little ditty will take you back in time.  I feel like I need to put on my high heels and my apron when I am making something from this little book. 

Joys of Jello, The New

Time Life Books about 1968, Cooking from Italy./amazon_link]  Foods of the World.

Time Life Books about 1968.  Latin American Cooking. [amazon_link id="B000IYAZF8" target="_blank" ] Foods of the World.

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